Legal Calculator




The Legal Calculator is an essential 3-in-1 calculator for all legal professionals.

It provides:

1. Duration calculator
– Calculates the duration of time between two dates.
– Provides a breakdown of time in days, weeks, months and years.

2. Simple interest calculator
– Calculates the simple interest accrued on a given amount over a set period.
– Provides the number of days that the set period spans.
– Provides the daily interest rate.

3. Inflation and uplift calculator
– Calculates today’s value of a past award or approved settlement for PSLA.
– Uses monthly RPI figures going back to 1974 which are updated automatically over the internet when new RPI data is published.
– Uplifts PSLA figures in line with the case of Heil v Rankin [2000] 3 All ER 138, where applicable.